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With PPSSPP emulator you can play PSP games in HD, customize on-screen controls, save and restore game states and continue from where you left off by syncing saves from your real PSP.

Options include

Buffered rendering (the PSP can render to any location in its VRAM and use as either the scanout buffer or textures). Many games use this to implement special effects, or simply to implement 30fps (you need to show the same buffer twice).

Hardware Transform: uses vertex shaders to do T&L on the GPU instead of doing it in software on the CPU. Faster performance depending of the GPU.

Linear Filtering: a simple filter that smooths the picture. Basically forces bilinear filtering on all graphics. May cause artifacts but also smooth out HUD and 2D.

Simple 2x SSAA / doesn't exist on SDL version: a simple Super Sampling Anti Aliasing 2x algorithm. Reduces aliasing from picture, needs a relative powerful GPU, especially on higher resolutions. Disable if you're having performance problems. Requires Buffered Rendering.

Vertex Cache: an optimization, that makes things faster and in turn might miss some changes in geometry - though PPSSPP do it best to make it reliable there are some edge cases it can miss. Deactivate if you see strange graphical glitches.

Frameskip / Frameskip (beta) *only appears on in-game settings*: activates frameskipping, may or may not give you a better performance. For now, it somewhat negates the Buffered Rendering option, so you may see graphical artefacts and/or screen flickering even with Buffered Rendering on.

Use Media Engine: all it does is control whether HLE functions return -1 or attempt to work. If the game is not calling sceMpeg functions, the option shouldn't have any affect.

Some games may hang with this option off, others may hang with this option on, your mileage will vary.

Fast Memory (dynarec, unstable) / Fastmem (may be unstable): simply assumes that all memory accesses the game does are valid, and thus skips some checks, gaining a bit of speed.

Ignore illegal reads/writes / doesn't exist on SDL version: debug feature, can be ignored.


PPSSPP is an open source project which means game compatibility is always increasing. You can check compatible games running on the app by clicking on the following link


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